HMICFRS leadership assessment research with Plymouth University

Published on: 19 December 2017

Publication types: Leadership, PEEL and Research


HMICFRS commissioned Plymouth University to undertake research a short academic study into existing methodologies for the inspection of leadership, with the aim of helping us refine our approach to our inspection of leadership as a concept within policing.

There were two phases to the work. The first was a literature review to explore how our approach to inspecting leadership compared with similar organisations and policing inspectorates in other countries. The second phase was informed by the findings of the first and involved working with two police forces to explore the feasibility of the different identified methodologies.

Phase one of broadly they found that “the current processes HMIC[FRS] uses are not out of line with best practices identified and used by similar inspecting bodies throughout the UK, the USA, Australia and Scandinavia”.

Phase two explored the benefits of different methods of data collection in two volunteer forces, and suggested that quantitative surveys of the workforce may supplement our inspection activity. (Note that the actual findings from surveys conducted in force were fed back to forces directly and were not made available to HMICFRS).

The findings of this research have been fed into the work to refine our PEEL inspection activity for 2018 and beyond.

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HMICFRS Leadership assessment – phase one report (PDF document, 1 MB)

HMICFRS Leadership assessment – phase two report (PDF document, 207 kB)

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