Force management statements consultation

Published on: 3 October 2017

Publication types: Consultations


This consultation has now closed.

This consultation asked for your views on the design of force management statements (FMS). Feedback from this consultation will help make the FMS a valuable tool, enhancing local accountability of forces and helping improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

As we have set out, FMSs will be instruments of self-assessment by forces, covering for each of the following four years the chief constable’s evaluation and projection of:

  1. the demand which the force is likely to face;
  2. the condition, capacity, capability, serviceability, performance and security of supply of the force’s workforce and other assets (such as ICT);
  3. the force’s plans to improve the efficiency with which the workforce and force assets are used; and
  4. the force’s financial income.

FMSs will simplify, strengthen and streamline the information which forces are asked to provide. They will enable HMICFRS to make decisions about where are a force’s principal risk areas, and so design our inspection fieldwork and analysis to focus on them.

FMSs will provide local policing bodies – police and crime commissioners and their London equivalents – with information of great value, to enable them to assess the forces for which they are responsible and the extent to which the objectives of their police and crime plans will be successfully attained, and at what cost.

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