Police response to child abuse and child protection issues

Following on from the report ‘Mistakes were made’, which looked at how the police handled allegations made against Jimmy Savile, HMIC has started a programme of work looking at the police response to child abuse and child protection. This programme will cover subjects such as internet-related child sexual exploitation, child protection, child trafficking and the interviewing of victims of sexual abuse/sexual exploitation.

Internet-related child sexual exploitation

The first inspection in this programme of work relates to the police response to internet-related child sexual exploitation.

The inspection will:

  • look at how technological advances facilitate the way in which offenders commit their crimes;
  • assess how well the police service is currently dealing with these issues; and
  • examine how other bodies can assist the police service in identifying and preventing these offences.

Fieldwork will start in October with a report expected early next year.

We are mounting other inspections in relation to child protection arrangements, child trafficking and achieving best evidence in video recordings of child witnesses. This work is at various stages of development but will take place in the next 12 months.

More detail will be published on this programme of work in due course. If you would like to receive updates on this or any other areas of our work, email Have Your Say (e-mail address).