HMIC’s 2015/16 inspection programme consultation

This consultation seeks your views on HMIC’s proposed inspection programme for 2015/16. This comprises national thematic inspections; joint inspections; PEEL assessments; inspections of other national law enforcement agencies; and commissions from the Home Secretary, and police and crime commissioners and other local policing bodies.

If you have a complaint or comment about HMIC’s approach to consultation, you can register this by emailing

How consultation responses will be reviewed

HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary will consider respondents’ views and, if he decides necessary, change the proposed inspection programme before putting it to the Home Secretary for approval. In accordance with the Police Act 1996, Schedule 4A, paragraph 2, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary must obtain the approval of the Home Secretary before publishing his inspection programme.

The results of the consultation will be made available on this website. Please indicate in your response if you do not wish it to be published (to note, HMIC may summarise responses for publication).

Please respond to the questions below, and click ‘send’ when you have finished.