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Ministry of Defence Police

Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary (HMI): Matt Parr is HMI for the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP)

About the Ministry of Defence Police

The MDP is a statutory civilian police force established by the Ministry of Defence Police Act 1987. It comprises of around 2,900 police officers and 260 non-uniform civilian staff.

MDP provides unique specialist policing to protect the nation’s defences and national infrastructure. It works across England, Scotland and Wales within a range of roles in, for example, the Marine Unit, the Dog section and CID.

HMICFRS’s role in inspecting this force

HMICFRS has a statutory duty to carry out inspections of MDP and report to the Secretary of State on their efficiency and effectiveness.

Following an inspection, we must report to the Secretary of State on the efficiency and effectiveness of MDP. The Secretary of State may exclude from publication any part of a report, if the publication would be against the interests of national security or might jeopardise the safety of any person.

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