Rape Monitoring Group dashboard change log

This page sets out the changes to the Rape Monitoring Group dashboards since they were first published in May 2018.

Date Changes
August 2019 Data refreshed to include 2017/18 data. A text version of each force’s summary pages was also published alongside the refreshed dashboard
August 2019 As well as the data refresh, the following changes were made to the dashboard content:

  • Police force 2017/18 summary (page 3): Updated one of the category titles on the pie chart to make it clear it is incidents of rape not recorded as crimes.
  • Police-recorded rapes and incidents (page 4): Changed the display of 100,000 population data to now show three years data.
  • Police-recorded rapes and incidents; Transferred or cancelled records; and Rape outcomes pages (pages 4, 5 and 6): A note was added to make aid in the understanding of what each of the crime categories actually cover.
  • Rape outcomes (page 6): Changed the years covered on the outcomes line charts showing the three most recent years.