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Suffolk PEEL 2017

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The force says...

Suffolk Constabulary polices a population of over 745,000 with 1,081 full time equivalent police officer posts.

Suffolk covers 1466 square miles across a county that is largely rural but home to a number of vibrant urban areas. It has a coastline that stretches from Lowestoft to Felixstowe (one of the largest container ports in Europe), four military bases and a nuclear power station.

The county’s population has grown by 2.3% since 2011 and is expected to rise to over 770,000 by 2023. By 2023 over 50% of the population is anticipated to be aged 45 and over. More than 83,000 people in Suffolk live in income deprivation. Tourism plays a key role in the local economy contributing £1.85 billion in 2016, with 38,369 associated jobs.

Suffolk Constabulary is sixth lowest in the country for officer numbers per 1,000 population. The workforce has reduced by 11.7% in the last five years.

The net revenue budget for policing in 2018/19 is £116.6 million. Since 2010, £27.5 million has been identified in savings, £17.1 million of which has been achieved through collaboration.  Savings of £2.3 million are planned for 2018/19, with further savings of £3.2 million needing to be identified by the end of 2021/22.

The constabulary receives over 276,000 calls for service each year; over 35% of these are 999 emergencies. Around 52,000 crimes were recorded in 2017.

The constabulary’s strategic assessment outlines a departure from ‘traditional’ crime, emphasising vulnerability and hidden harm, e.g. serious sexual offences, child sexual exploitation, hate crime, domestic abuse and honour based abuse & modern slavery. The composition of recorded crime has changed with substantial growth in recorded abuse and violent crime – domestic abuse offences have increased by 30% in the last year and violence by 13%.

There is an increase in both the volume and complexity of demand, including significant demand around safeguarding and mental health.

Disclaimer: the above statement has been prepared by Suffolk Constabulary. The views and information in it are not necessarily those of HMICFRS.

Key facts

Force Area

1467 square miles


0.74m people 8% local 10 yr change


76% frontline 78% national level
2.9 per 1000 population 3.6 national level
11% change in local workforce since 2010 15% national change since 2010

Victim-based crimes

0.05 per person 0.06 national level
Local 5 year trend (no change) National 5 year trend (no change)


44p per person per day local 55p per person per day national