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Northumbria PEEL 2016

Other inspections

How well has the force performed in our other inspections?

In addition to the three core PEEL pillars, HMICFRS carries out inspections of a wide range of policing activity throughout the year. Some of these are conducted alongside the PEEL inspections; others are joint inspections.

Findings from these inspections are published separately to the main PEEL reports, but are taken into account when producing the rounded assessment of each force's performance.


Last updated 08/12/2016

Police leadership is crucial in enabling a force to be effective, efficient and legitimate. This inspection focused on how a force understands, develops and displays leadership through its organisational development.

Chief officers from Northumbria Police are developing their leadership expectations with the workforce as part of a ‘Proud to Protect’ programme, which launched in 2016. HMIC found most people across all ranks and grades in the force had a good understanding of this work. The force is also developing a more sophisticated appraisal of skills and capacity. It has a growing understanding of the gaps and areas for improvement in its leadership capability.

The force has a well-considered and coherent approach to leadership development. While the force has several methods to identify and address gaps in leadership capability, these are yet to be evaluated as they have only recently been introduced. Future leadership requirements are clear, and there is some evidence that the force is using recruitment to support the development of leadership and meet future requirements. The force has effective methods of supporting potential senior leaders to develop a range of professional and leadership skills.

The force can demonstrate an active search for new ideas and working practices from other police forces and organisations. New methods are adopted swiftly and flexibly. The force is developing a culture of continuous improvement, and innovation is becoming part of the force ethos. Members of the workforce are encouraged to submit suggestions to accessible and straightforward systems, and are given credit for their suggestions. The ‘Change in a day’ programme is seen as an opportunity for all officers and staff to play a significant part in developing an efficient and effective police service.

The understanding of diversity extends beyond protected characteristics such as race, gender and sexuality, and considers how diversity of background, experience and skills can strengthen teams. The force is aware of the gaps in these areas, and can demonstrate how it is planning to improve its understanding. The force has achieved some success in developing diverse leadership teams. It can demonstrate clear and positive processes for creating diversity within teams. It is considering how posting decisions can help develop experience, background and skills; and is making some use of recruitment opportunities as well as wider opportunities such as secondments and Direct Entry.

Questions for Leadership


How well does the force understand leadership?