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Merseyside PEEL 2016

Other inspections

How well has the force performed in our other inspections?

In addition to the three core PEEL pillars, HMICFRS carries out inspections of a wide range of policing activity throughout the year. Some of these are conducted alongside the PEEL inspections; others are joint inspections.

Findings from these inspections are published separately to the main PEEL reports, but are taken into account when producing the rounded assessment of each force's performance.


Last updated 08/12/2016

Police leadership is crucial in enabling a force to be effective, efficient and legitimate. This inspection focused on how a force understands, develops and displays leadership through its organisational development.

Merseyside Police has established what it expects from its leaders and communicates this so that the whole workforce is aware of and understands the force’s expectations. The overwhelming consensus in the workforce is that the force is open to challenge and that everyone can speak freely. We found that the force has developed its understanding of overall leadership by looking at and analysing the results of the force’s people survey. However, it still has more work to do to understand leadership capability, particularly below middle management level.

The force supports its leaders through leadership development programmes but it could do more to develop a force-wide talent management scheme, which it can use to identify and develop the skills of the officers and staff who have the highest potential. The force has used recruitment successfully in order to acquire the leadership skills and experience which it needs in the immediate term, and is now concentrating on recruiting and selecting the number of operational officers it needs for its new operating model in 2017. The recruitment and selection is weighted towards an assessment of operational competence and experience, which might limit the scope that the force has to build balanced and effective teams.

Merseyside Police actively looks outside the force for new ideas, learning from ‘what works’, and from other forces. It has created an open and innovative culture that welcomes new ideas from police officers and staff at all levels. It has progressed well with disseminating learning both internally, and to other forces. The force is aware of the need to reflect diversity in its leadership teams and has made some progress towards this. Its development of diverse leadership teams is limited, because it is based primarily on the protected characteristics and on operational skills and experience. The force is potentially missing opportunities to develop truly diverse leadership teams.

Questions for Leadership


How well does the force understand leadership?