Thematic Inspections

These inspections examine a key issue across a representative number of forces, and comment solely on performance in relation to that key issue.

This type of inspection identifies deficiencies relevant to the police service as a whole and spreads good practice regarding a specific aspect of policing. Such inspections have proved important in identifying and exploring critical issues and sticking points, and offering solutions for moving the service forward in areas such as race and diversity, efficiency and value for money and crime recording.


The table below sets out thematic reports published up until the end of 2014. For more recent reports, please use the search options on the publications page .

Report Published
Crime-recording: making the victim count November 2014
An inspection of undercover policing in England and Wales October 2014
Core Business: an inspection into crime prevention, police attendance and the use of police time September 2014
Policing in Austerity: Meeting the Challenge July 2014
Strategic Policing Requirement: An inspection of how police forces in England and Wales deal with threats to public order June 2014
Strategic Policing Requirement: An inspection of how police forces in England and Wales deal with threats of a large-scale cyber incident (including criminal attack) June 2014
Crime recording: A matter of fact – interim report

May 2014
The Strategic Policing Requirement: An inspection of the arrangements that police forces have in place to meet the Strategic Policing Requirement

April 2014
Everyone’s business: Improving the police response to domestic abuse March 2014
Policing in Austerity: Rising to the Challenge July 2013
Stop and Search Powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly? July 2013
A review of progress made against the recommendations in HMIC’s 2012 report on the national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest June 2013
A criminal use of police cells? The use of police custody as a place of safety for people with mental health needs June 2013
Making the Connections: A thematic inspection of police force compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Ballistics Intelligence Service and Police Forces June 2013
Stop the Drift 2 – A Continuing Focus on 21st Century Criminal Justice (a joint review by HMIC and HMCPSI) June 2013
“Mistakes were made” HMIC’s review into allegations and intelligence material concerning Jimmy Savile between 1964 and 2012 March 2013
Preparing for Police and Crime Commissioners: A report on police authorities’ budget preparations for 2013/14 and the development of governance and accountability models September 2012
Taking Time for Crime – A study of how police officers prevent crime in the field September 2012
Preparing for police and crime commissioners July 2012
Policing in austerity: One year on July 2012
Increasing efficiency in the police service: The role of collaboration July 2012
A Step in the Right Direction: The policing of anti-social behaviour June 2012
The crime scene: A review of police crime and incident reports January 2012
The rules of engagement: A review of the August 2011 disorders December 2011
Without fear or favour: A review of police relationships December 2011
Adapting to Austerity: A review of police force and authority preparedness for the 2011/12 – 14/15 CSR period July 2011
Demanding Times – the front line and police visibility March 2011
Stop the drift: A focus on 21st century criminal justice November 2010
Police Governance in Austerity October 2010
Anti-social behaviour: Stop the rot September 2010
Crime Counts – A Review of Data Quality For Offences of the Most Serious Violence October 2009
Crime Counts – A Review of Data Quality For Offences of the Most Serious Violence – Technical Report October 2009
An HMIC report on civil contingency planning by forces in England and Wales August 2009
An HMIC report on critical incident management by forces in England and Wales August 2009
Law Enforcement Entities with the Government Protective Marking Scheme July 2009
Getting together – a better deal for the public through joint working June 2009
Major Challenge – The Thematic Inspection of Major Crime June 2009
Prevent, Progress and Prospects Report June 2009
Getting Organised: Serious and organised crime March 2009
Serving neighbourhoods and individuals: Neighbourhood policing and developing citizen focus policing October 2008
Preventing Violent Extremism – Learning and Development Exercise September 2008
Get Smart – Planning to Protect May 2008
Leading from the Front Line: Frontline officers supervision May 2008
Protecting Vulnerable People January 2008
Safety matters: Personal safety training review March 2007
Beyond the call: Police contact centres inspection February 2007

If you’re looking for reports from before 2007 please go to the publications section and use the search function. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for email us at and we’ll help.