Specific reviews

Police and crime commissioners and the Home Secretary can commission HMICFRS inspections. Commissions tend to focus on reviews of police responses to specific incidents or reviews of local policing arrangements.

Our Work  —  Police engagement with women and girls, Specific reviews

Super-complaints provide a voice for designated bodies to raise concerns on behalf of the public about patterns or trends in policing that are, or appear to be, significantly harming the interests of the public.  On 19 March 2019 we received a super-complaint from the Centre for Women’s Justice. This super-complaint is about the police use of

Our Work  —  Large-scale policing, Specific reviews

In June 2014, the five East Midlands police and crime commissioners commissioned HMIC to inspect the effectiveness and efficiency of the single counter-terrorism grant for the region. The report found good evidence that the single counter-terrorism grant arrangement was a more efficient and effective use of public money than previous separate grant arrangements. Read ‘An

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This inspection has been carried out at the request of the British Transport Police Authority and was conducted by HM Inspector Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM, MBA, MA (Oxon), CCMI. The report on the recent and current performance of the BTP establishes strengths, work in progress and areas for improvement. HMIC fully recognises the

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Crime recording in Kent – 17 June 2013 The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent commissioned an inspection to determine whether the people of Kent can have confidence in Kent Police’s crime figures. Read ‘Crime recording in Kent’ Crime recording in Kent – Interim progress report – 31 January 2014 In February 2013, the police

Our Work  —  Large-scale policing, Specific reviews

In July 2013, the police and crime commissioners (PCCs) for the East Midlands region (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire) commissioned HMIC to conduct a review of the arrangements for collaboration between the five forces in the region. The purpose of the commission was: “to provide [the PCCs] with high-level assurance on the overall approach

Our Work  —  Police engagement with women and girls, Protecting people from violence and abuse, Specific reviews

At the request of the Chief Constable (and with the agreement of the police and crime commissioner), we examined whether risks to victims of domestic abuse are now being well managed in Essex. The inspection also examined whether our concerns that the significant resources Essex Police invested in tackling domestic abuse had a detrimental effect

Our Work  —  Specific reviews

In 2019, HMICFRS were commissioned by the Mayor’s Office of Greater Manchester Combined Authority to inspect the implementation of their new integrated ICT system, at the request of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) chief constable. Earlier in the year, GMP simultaneously replaced three ICT systems, critical to how the force functions. The first was the

Our Work  —  Behind the frontline, Specific reviews

In 2007, the Deputy Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) invited HMIC to conduct an inspection of resource leverage. Resource leverage is the way in which organisations maximise their resource capacity and productivity. This is achieved not simply by cutting services or staff but using a full range of approaches including:  accumulating, conserving and concentrating

Our Work  —  Specific reviews

In 2017, the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) asked HMICFRS to inspect a Metropolitan Police Service operation into alleged criminal offences arising from the 2014 mayoral election in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which involved the outgoing mayor, Lutfur Rahman of the Tower Hamlets First party. HMICFRS accepted the commission

Our Work  —  Police engagement with women and girls, Specific reviews

In March 2021, the Home Secretary and the Mayor of London commissioned HMICFRS to inspect how the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) handled the policing of the vigil in memory of Sarah Everard held on Clapham Common on Saturday 13 March 2021.