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Policing on the beat

Frontline officers and staff police in the heart of the community. They tackle anti-social behaviour, carry out stops and searches and record crimes. HMICFRS inspects frontline responses to, and prevention of, crime.

Our Work  —  Policing on the beat

In July 2008 the Home Secretary published the Green Paper From the neighbourhood to the national: policing our communities together. This paper introduced the Policing Pledge. The Pledge sets out ten standards that police commit to uphold. These standards reflect the police’s desire to serve their communities better. HMIC was asked to observe and report

Our Work  —  Large-scale policing, Policing on the beat, Specific reviews

Inspection of the policing of public protests In October 2020, the Home Secretary commissioned HMICFRS to inspect how effectively the police manage protests. Getting the balance right? An inspection of how effectively the police deal with protests – March 2021 Following the Home Secretary’s commission, we inspected ten police forces with recent experience of policing

Our Work  —  Behind the frontline, Policing on the beat

In July 2020, we announced our intention to inspect the police response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our inspection took a snapshot of policing and assessed what happened from March to November 2020. We consulted many interested parties about the aspects of policing that our inspection should cover. Our inspection focused on: preparation for the pandemic;

Our Work  —  Large-scale policing, Policing on the beat

August 2011 saw a new departure in major public disturbances in England: widespread, fast-moving and opportunistic riots and criminal attacks on property, loosely organised using social media, and sometimes involving alliances between normally rival gangs. After a long period of relative peace, this presented an exceptional challenge for conventional police training, tactics and organisational capacity,

Our Work  —  Police ethics and accountability, Policing on the beat

Race and policing programme In 2021/22 we started a new programme of activity which will compliment and build on our previous and ongoing inspection work. We will inspect policing and police forces against their commitment and contribution towards: eliminating discrimination; advancing equality of opportunity; and fostering good relations with black and ethnic minority communities. The

Our Work  —  Behind the frontline, Police ethics and accountability, Policing on the beat

Following a 2014 inspection of crime-recording in all police forces in England and Wales, we introduced a rolling programme of inspections. The inspections were to assess the progress made by forces against recommendations set out in the 2014 reports. The programme was carried out over several years. The finding of these inspections are set out

Our Work  —  Behind the frontline, Policing on the beat, Specific reviews

In January 2014, the police and crime commissioner for Cheshire commissioned us to review how well Cheshire Constabulary investigates cases of burglary in a dwelling. The review found that senior officers had put in place examples of good practice to oversee the force’s approach to burglary in dwellings. There was also good ownership at a

Our Work  —  Policing on the beat

After decades of declining road deaths in England and Wales, in 2013 they begun to level out. Between 2015 and 2018, an average of 1,610 people lost their lives each year. This change coincided with a cut of around 34 percent (or £120m) in the annual amount that police forces spent on roads policing. In

Our Work  —  Police ethics and accountability, Policing on the beat

February 2021: Disproportionate use of police powers – A spotlight on stop and search and the use of force Summary Over 35 years on from the introduction of stop and search legislation, we have found that no force fully understands the impact of the use of these powers. When the police use their powers disproportionately