Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

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As well as inspecting policing in England and Wales, HMICFRS do inspect police forces in British Overseas Territories on invitation. We also work with police forces around the world and provide assistance when we can.

In January 2019, the commissioner of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) invited HMICFRS to review its homicide prevention and investigation procedures. This invitation was due to the high number of homicides involving guns in recent years.

As the policing context in Trinidad and Tobago is very different from that in England and Wales, HMICFRS commissioned the University of South Wales to carry out rapid evidence assessment establishing what research had already been done about homicides in this region. The findings from this project helped us design our review of TTPS and are published below.

In May 2019, HMICFRS conducted a detailed review of homicide procedures in TTPS. The findings of this review were set out in a letter to the commissioner. This letter will not be published, as it falls outside out publication scheme.

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Gang-related homicide and police corruption in Trinidad and Tobago: A Rapid Evidence Assessment