Interested parties event

HMIC held an open event for interested parties on 24 May 2011. We wanted to hear the views of a wide range of organisations and individuals on the work of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), in order to further our understanding and inform the final report.

The presentation given at the event is available to download here (PDF, 97KB, new window).

As promised on the day, we have also published below a list of the main issues and areas of interest raised by attendees.

Attendees suggested that HMIC’s review should include examination of:

  • the extent of surveillance by NPOIU;
  • the comparison of the NPOIU budget with other covert law enforcement units;
  • the ‘application of intelligence on the front line’ and the impact on an individual’s legal rights;
  • the role of the agent provocateur;
  • the proportionality of deployment of undercover officers; and
  • the human rights issue, specifically the impact of undercover deployments on protestors’ lives.

They also recommended that HMIC:

  • consider including a representative from the protest/activist movement to sit on the external reference group; and
  • provide further opportunities for interested parties to make their views known.