Inspection of Resource Leverage: Metropolitan Police Service

Part of: Behind the frontline Specific reviews

In 2007, the Deputy Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) invited HMIC to conduct an inspection of resource leverage.

Resource leverage is the way in which organisations maximise their resource capacity and productivity. This is achieved not simply by cutting services or staff but using a full range of approaches including:  accumulating, conserving and concentrating resources, their management and recovery, and the development of business learning and skills.

The inspection was conducted between April and June 2008 and built upon previous reviews of the MPS/Metropolitan Police Authority strategic resource management, in particular HMIC’s review of Finance and Resources and the three Audit Commission’s Police Use of Resources (PURE) assessments for the period 2004/05 – 2006/07.

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Please note: In July 2017 HMIC took on responsibility for fire & rescue service inspections and was renamed HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS). Inspections carried out before July 2017 may continue to refer to HMIC.