Press releases in 2013

28 August 2013Police custody in Cheshire – positive and professional

15 August 2013Police custody in Nottinghamshire – well managed and better conditions in cells

07 August 2013Police custody in Westminster – well managed and professional

18 July 2013Police forces are rising to the financial challenge so far; but further cuts to budgets create risks for some forces

15 July 2013HMIC and HMCPSI find that repeated efforts to improve the quality of prosecution case files have had limited success

12 July 2013Child Protection: Northamptonshire Police responds to critical HMIC inspection but has more to do

11 July 2013HMCIC: “The operational integrity and independence of chief constables is sacrosanct.”

09 July 2013HMIC finds the police use of stop and search powers is too often ineffective in tackling crime and procedurally incorrect, thereby threatening the legitimacy of the police

05 July 2013HMIC and NAO issue a practical guide to help police forces procure for and manage private sector partnerships

03 July 2013The Historical Enquiries Team’s approach to reviewing deaths during ‘the troubles’ is inconsistent, has serious shortcomings and so risks public confidence, HMIC finds

27 June 2013HMIC publishes an update on progress against the recommendations of its 2012 undercover policing report, and confirms its intention to conduct a further inspection

20 June 2013Police custody is regularly being used to detain people whose only ‘crime’ is that they are suffering from a mental disorder, a joint inspection has found

19 June 2013Police custody in Essex – generally positive, but some improvements could be made

17 June 2013Kent Police needs to do more before the public can be confident in the accuracy of its crime figures

13 June 2013Inspectorate finds improvements in the way Essex Police handles domestic abuse cases: but more needs to be done to ensure risks to victims are adequately managed

04 June 2013Inspectors call for decisive action to streamline the criminal justice process and end unnecessary bureaucracy

07 May 2013Police custody in Hampshire – improvements in health care provision needed

01 May 2013Border Force customs custody suites in England and Scotland – Health services needed attention

29 April 2013HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary: ‘HMIC assesses policing from the public’s point of view’

15 April 2013Inspectors set out plans for examining justice system from 2013-2015

09 April 2013Police custody in Haringey – generally positive

08 April 2013HMIC today announces the appointments of Olivia Pinkney and Peter Spindler as Assistant Inspectors of Constabulary

21 March 2013A joint review of disability hate crime: living in a different world

12 March 2013HMIC expresses serious concerns over why so many victims felt unable to approach the police with allegations against Jimmy Savile during his lifetime

01 March 2013Police custody in Merseyside – good strategic grip, but day-to-day management less convincing

07 February 2013Children and young people who sexually offend – Missed opportunities to prevent reoffending

22 January 2013Police custody in Gwent – generally positive