North Yorkshire Police demonstrates “impressive levels of improvement” in its crime recording capabilities, confirms report

North Yorkshire Police’s crime recording practices have significantly improved over the past 24 months, according to a new report.

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North Yorkshire Police: Crime Data Integrity re-inspection 2019

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) previously inspected how the force records crime in 2017. That inspection revealed several problems and the force was graded ‘inadequate’. HMICFRS issued the force with a list of recommendations for improvement.

During a follow-up inspection carried out earlier this year, HMICFRS found that the force has implemented a variety of measures which have allowed it to dramatically increase the quality of its recording processes, as well as its overall recording rate. The force now records over 92 per cent of all crimes reported to it (compared with just over 80 per cent during the 2017 inspection). This means that the force now records an additional 6,100 crimes each year.

Today’s report, North Yorkshire Police: Crime Data Integrity re-inspection 2019, found that the force has:

  • successfully developed and implemented an effective crime data integrity plan;
  • improved its recording of reports received directly into its public protection department from partner organisations;
  • improved its overall recording standards for all types of crime, and especially rape and other sexual offences; and
  • recorded more crimes within 24 hours of receiving the initial report.

Despite this improvement, however, the report did highlight some continuing problems. For example, the force needs to do more to ensure that officers and staff understand the use of the Home Office classification N100 for reports of rape which don’t require a crime record and the need to inform victims if their crime is cancelled.

HM Inspector of Constabulary Phil Gormley said:

“Crime recording is not just an administrative exercise. By recording crimes in an accurate and timely manner, police forces are better placed to investigate crimes thoroughly and achieve justice for victims.

“That is why I am very pleased with the results of this inspection into crime recording arrangements in North Yorkshire Police. We had serious concerns resulting from our last inspection in 2017, so it is gratifying to see just how much the force has improved.

“The force has successfully implemented almost all of the recommendations resulting from our 2017 inspection. It has streamlined supervision and governance procedures and has made changes to its crime management units, to better ensure initial compliance with the National Crime Recording Standard.

“These changes have resulted in a drastic improvement in crime recording. While there is still further work to do, these recent improvements will mean a better service for victims of crime in North Yorkshire.”

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North Yorkshire Police: Crime Data Integrity re-inspection 2019


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  2. HMICFRS inspects all 43 police forces in England and Wales together with other major policing and law enforcement bodies. It also publishes data and thematic reports on areas of particular interest.
  3. Since 2017, HMICFRS has taken on responsibility for inspecting all 45 fire and rescue services in England.
  4. Crime Data Integrity inspections assess an individual police force’s response to reports of crime by the public, and the effectiveness of that response. The inspection includes an audit, which examines the extent to which a force is applying the correct rules, as well as fieldwork.
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