HMIC publishes an update on progress against the recommendations of its 2012 undercover policing report, and confirms its intention to conduct a further inspection

In 2010, information about the activities of Mark Kennedy, a police officer working undercover for the NPOIU, led to the collapse of the trial of six people accused of planning to shut down a large power station in Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottinghamshire. This resulted in HMIC announcing a review of the systems used by the NPOIU to authorise and control the development of intelligence. The final report of this review was published in January 2012 and made recommendations for the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Metropolitan Police Service, and the Office of Surveillance Commissioners.

In April 2013, HMIC conducted a review of the progress made against the recommendations in the 2012 report. This report sets out the findings from this review and commits HMIC to a wider review of the deployment of undercover officers in the UK.

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