HMIC finds that Cheshire Constabulary is committed to tackling burglary dwelling.

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Cheshire Constabulary – review of burglary dwelling investigations

A report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), which reviewed burglary dwelling investigations by Cheshire Constabulary, has found clear evidence that staff at all ranks are committed to tackling burglary dwelling.

The review, which was commissioned by the police and crime commissioner (PCC) for Cheshire, found that senior officers had put in place examples of good practice to oversee the force’s approach to burglary in dwellings. There was also good ownership at a local level that delivered a quality service to the public in investigating this type of offence.

HMIC’s inspection found that police officers were deployed to burglary incidents appropriately, and in cases HMIC examined, patrols were being deployed to incidents promptly. The officers who responded were, generally, suitably skilled and equipped to conduct a thorough investigation, with good follow up and victim care arrangements in place.

The inspection also found that Cheshire Constabulary has initiated, and developed good arrangements for crime scene investigators and analysts to recover evidence from scenes and match them to offenders.

However, HMIC found that there was room for improvement in a number of areas, including:

  • Some neighbourhood policing team officers would benefit from additional training.
  • Control room staff said they do not receive a formal briefing on live local policing issues as they come on duty
  • Intelligence gathering on burglary dwelling is incomplete
  • The constabulary needs to recruit more covert human intelligence sources who can give reports on the burglary dwelling and stolen property market.
  • There is an opportunity for the constabulary to enhance its current arrangements to share intelligence with neighbouring forces

HM Inspector of Constabulary for the Northern Region, Roger Baker said:

“Our inspection found that the standards of investigation of burglary dwelling offences across Cheshire Constabulary to be good.

“The staff we interviewed were committed and enthusiastic and are focused on providing a quality service around burglary dwelling. This review sets out a number of recommendations for the force in order to make further improvements.

“It is our view that although this report makes recommendations for further improvement, none of those recommendations are considered so significant as they would warrant any immediate remedial action by the Constabulary.”

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Cheshire Constabulary – review of burglary dwelling investigations


  • In December 2013, the police and crime commissioner (PCC) for Cheshire Constabulary commissioned Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to provide an independent assessment of the effectiveness and resilience of the current arrangements in place within Cheshire Constabulary to respond to and investigate reports and complaints of burglary dwelling; and recommendations for improvement. The full terms of reference are set out on the HMIC website.
  • Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) is an independent inspectorate, inspecting policing in the public interest, and rigorously examines the efficiency and effectiveness of police forces to tackle crime and terrorism, improve criminal justice and raise confidence. HMIC inspects all 43 police forces in England and Wales together with other major policing bodies.
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