Greater Manchester Police improves its approach to tackling domestic abuse, following HMIC revisit inspection

In March 2014, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) reported concerns about how Greater Manchester Police tackled domestic abuse. HMIC was concerned with how the force operated in certain areas and recommended improvements it should make.

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Greater Manchester Police’s approach to tackling domestic abuse – revisit

HMIC carried out a follow up inspection in Greater Manchester Police in November 2014 to check on the progress of those recommendations.

Inspectors found that Greater Manchester Police has made significant improvements to the way it approaches domestic abuse, and is now providing a higher level of service to victims.

There are still areas where the force can improve, such as learning lessons that are identified following reviews into domestic related homicides.

HM Inspector of Constabulary Mike Cunningham said:

“I am pleased with how Greater Manchester Police has improved its approach to tackling domestic abuse.

“The force has invested a considerable amount of resource to improve its response to victims of domestic abuse. Our revisit also found an increased focus on domestic abuse across the force, and that identification of vulnerable and repeat victims has improved.

“The public of Manchester should feel reassured that the force now considers domestic abuse a priority and there is a greater appreciation of the need to safeguard victims by frontline officers and staff who provide the initial response to victims.

“It is important that the force maintains this higher standard. HMIC will continue to monitor progress made following our further recommendations.”

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Greater Manchester Police’s approach to tackling domestic abuse – revisit


  • This report sets out HMIC’s findings following our revisit to Greater Manchester Police in November 2014 to assess progress made against the nine recommendations in the report published on 27 March 2014: Greater Manchester Police’s approach to tackling domestic abuse. (PDF document, 161 kB)
  • In September 2013, HMIC was commissioned by the Home Secretary to inspect the police response to domestic violence and abuse. We were asked to consider:
    • the effectiveness of the police approach to domestic violence and abuse, focusing on the outcomes for victims;
    • whether risks to victims of domestic violence and abuse are adequately managed;
    • identifying lessons learnt from how the police approach domestic violence and abuse; and
    • making any necessary recommendations in relation to these findings when considered alongside current practice.
  • Mike Cunningham joined HMIC in September 2014 as HM Inspector of Constabulary for the Northern region forces in England and Wales.
  • Greater Manchester Police was one of four forces subjected to a revisit inspection by HMIC, as detailed in the report from March 2014. At the time of the initial inspection report in March 2014, Bedfordshire Police and Cambridgeshire Constabulary had already been subjected to a reinspection. Gloucestershire Police (PDF document, 93 kB) was the other force.
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