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Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service covers the county of Gloucestershire and is run by Gloucestershire County Council. Its mission is ‘working together for a safer Gloucestershire’. It works with local communities to reduce risks to life, property and the environment from fire and other emergencies.

It has 21 stations across the county.

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HMICFRS region and HMI

  • Her Majesty’s Inspector of Fire & Rescue Services (HMI): Wendy Williams
    is HMI for Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service
  • HMICFRS region: The service is in HMICFRS’s Western fire region

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HMICFRS’s role in inspecting this service

For over 160 years, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary independently assessed and reported on the efficiency and effectiveness of police forces and policing, in the public interest.

In summer 2017, HMIC (now HMICFRS) took on inspections of England’s fire & rescue services, assessing and reporting on their efficiency, effectiveness and leadership.

Key facts

Service Area

1,025 square miles


0.63m people 4% local 5 yr change


49% wholetime 51% on-call
0.66 per 1000 population local 1 national level
22% local 5 yr change 17% national 5 yr change


21 stations 45 appliances


2.3 fire incidents per 1000 population local 3.0 national
3.4 non-fire incidents per 1000 population local 3.1 national
2.4 false alarms per 1000 population local 4.1 national


£16,420 local per 1000 population per year £22,380 national per 1000 population per year

Fire & Rescue Chief

Andy Hermiston (acting chief fire officer)