Change log - value for money profiles

We frequently update these dashboards, following feedback from police forces. The log below details the changes made over time.

Date Changes
January 2019
  • Changes to the navigation between pages to make it easier for the user to move between similar content.
  • Added more guidance to the help page (page 2), including adding an FAQ section and a glossary.
  • Split the help page into two (pages 2-3) so it is easier to navigate.
  • Added a new page (page 12) focusing on analysis of support function costs per member of staff (rather than just per population).
  • Added an ‘old profiles view’ (page 10), allowing users to create charts for historical data, so they can see what individual forces’ data looked like for previous years.
  • Where stacked columns are used through out the dashboard, tool tips have been improved so that they include data for column total as well as the stacked value.
  • Added an option to use the CIPFA definition of Net Revenue Expenditure on the customise page (page 28).