Accessibility policy

Our commitment to making our website accessible

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible – to ensure that it can be used by everyone, regardless of any disability they may have.

Core tasks

All of our website users should be able to carry out all of the tasks on our websites, including; filling in forms, ordering publications, reading content and downloading documents.

The accessibility page on our website tells users how they can get help to see, hear, navigate and read and understand the website.

Accessible PDFs

From December 2012 we try to make PDF files on our website accessible to screen readers but we can’t guarantee that all content of every PDF online is accessible. If you’d like an accessible version of report we have published, please email


Some of our newer content has not yet been tested for current accessibility guidelines. This content will be tested shortly. The Accessibility page asks users to contact us if they are unable to access any content. PDFs published before December 2012 have not been made accessible.

Awareness of the policy

Making websites accessible is a legal requirement. Anyone who adds content to the HMICFRS website is briefed on accessibility standards.

Ensuring continued accessibility

Our accessibility reviews and testing will ensure that we are made aware of any accessibility issues, which we will then fix.

More details can be found in our:


Please email us if you have any comments on this policy