Rape Monitoring Group

The Rape Monitoring Group (RMG) is chaired by HMICFRS, and brings together criminal justice agencies, inspectorates, the voluntary sector, and local policing bodies with an interest in promoting the effective management of rape in England and Wales.


The aims of the RMG are to:

  • make agencies’ responses to rape victims more professional;
  • spread good practice;
  • increase public confidence; and
  • ensure a better service is delivered to rape victims.


The main functions of the RMG are to:

  • monitor the data the RMG collects and identify areas of concern;
  • improve the performance of rape investigations;
  • seek better quality data on rape statistics;
  • provide strategic oversight of all areas of rape investigation and victim care;
  • provide expert opinion to the Government on decision or policy making;
  • make recommendations to the Government; and
  • identify future threats.


In addition to HMICFRS, the RMG comprises the following organisations or groups:

  • Academics
  • College of Policing
  • Crown Prosecution Service
  • Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
  • Home Office
  • local policing bodies
  • Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Police Chiefs’ Council
  • voluntary sector partners


HMICFRS has published the following documents on behalf of the RMG:

Rape monitoring group publications
Document Published
Adult and child rape data for 2013/14 March 2015
Adult and child rape data for 2012/13 January 2014