Short-term secondee programme

HMICFRS is continually looking for people from the police and fire and rescue services to join our inspection teams on short term secondments.

Seconded officers and staff bring valuable insight and experience of current policing and fire service practices into our inspections.

The role of secondees (operational and non-operational) from forces and services is to help support the inspections of the fire and rescue services and police forces.

Please note: secondments are typically only for the following ranks:

  • Watch manager and above
  • Police sergeant or police staff equivalent and above

Short-term secondees video

The video below provides a short introduction to the programme, including interviews with previous short-term secondees talking about their experiences of the programme and HMICFRS.

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Zoë Billingham, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary:

“I have just finished saying goodbye to a number of our short term secondees who have worked with us over the PEEL inspections in the Autumn. It has been fantastic to meet police officers and police staff who are relatively young in service from ranks from sergeant and above who have come in and become fully fledged members of our inspection team. They have been released from their forces from up to three months and have completed about four or five inspections and have had a week off in between. They have brought fresh insight relevant policing and other experience into our inspection teams. We have found them an absolute delight.”

Phil Hutchinson, previous short-term secondee:

“Hi I’m Phil Hutchinson I am a serving police officer from Lancashire and I have been part of a short term secondment into HMIC. I have done five inspections on this round of PEEL Inspections, travelling all over the country. I wanted to come to HMIC to broaden my horizons and for a bit of personal development. I have been amazed by people I have worked with and the forces I have visited. Seeing what those forces do well and not so well and taking the learning back into force. It’s been hard work as the inspections are particularly long so you need to prepare yourself for that, but it’s extremely rewarding. i have a very young family, a 9 year old and 11 year old, boys and a wife who work in London two days so childcare has been pretty hard but HMIC are very helpful and have a accommodated whatever existing commitments we have had. That has enabled me to do my five inspections so they have really got wellbeing at the heart of what they are trying to do, encouraging more people.”

Kulbir Pasricha, previous short-term secondee:

“Hi, good afternoon my name is Kulbir Pasricha I’m the lead of community liaison in Kent Police. I’m police staff with 18 and a half years service. Having been a short term second, in five inspections, the experience has been incredible and invaluable. Personally and professionally I feel I have been developed. I have been able to importantly see best practice and some lessons learned as well while going out to other forces and have now been able to bring that back to Kent, so that we can be a leading force as well. I would recommend it to other police staff, who may wonder if there is an opportunity, absolutely there is. Importantly, I would like to mention that I am also a carer, so actually this opportunity can be done by those who wish to consider it.”

Alternatively, you can download the short-term secondees flyer (PDF document, 1 MB).


Any short-term secondee roles will be advertised on this page. If there is no information below this line then we are not currently recruiting for short-term secondees.

For further information about the short-term secondee programme or any upcoming recruitment, please contact