Sample written exercise


The power of HMICFRS is in our voice; we write high quality reports that shine a light on to various aspects of policing and promote improvements that make a real difference to the safety of the public. Recruiting talented individuals with excellent written skills is very important.

All applicants for inspection roles will be expected to complete a written test. This includes everyone who applies for a position at the following levels:

  • Chief Inspector or police staff equivalent;
  • Superintendent or police staff equivalent;
  • Senior Executive Officer;
  • Grade 7; and
  • anyone applying for an associate position.

The test will be completed online under timed conditions.

An example of the test and a suggested answer can be found below.

Example written exercise

Written exercise for HMIC recruitment, April 2014

The HMI is due to meet senior officials from the Home Office to discuss HMIC’s national inspection programme for 2013/14. Please prepare a full written briefing for the HMI using HMIC’s business plan.

Also include how HMICC might work with other organisations and stakeholders.

A draft briefing template is available for your reference. (PDF document)

You may want to consider including the following headings: purpose of the briefing; introduction; recommendations; areas for consideration; background or risks.

You should take 45 minutes to write this briefing paper.

Get the specimen response

Specimen response to the exercise (PDF document)