Current vacancies

HMICFRS frequently recruits for new staff to join our police and fire & rescue service inspections. Positions are either for:

  • Civil Service roles (usually fixed-term appointments);
  • police and fire & rescue service secondments (typically between 6 months and 2 years); or
  • associates with specialist knowledge in specific areas.

Current vacancies are set out below.

Please note: all vacancies close at midnight on the date specified, unless otherwise stated.

Police inspections recruitment

Role Deadline
PEEL Legitimacy Specialist Associate 1st April

Short-term secondments

As well as secondments for up to two years, HMICFRS also offers shorter placements for police officers and staff. More information about these opportunities, including current vacancies, is available on the short-term secondees page.

We will shortly offer short term secondment for staff from the fire & rescue services. The role of seconded staff (operational and non-operational) will be to help support the inspections of the fire & rescue services, bringing with them a range of relevant expertise and knowledge from across the service. We will be launching our recruitment campaign for these secondments in Spring 2018.

Fire & rescue services inspections recruitment

There are currently no vacancies for fire & rescue services inspections.