Performance, monitoring and analytics

Performance, monitoring and analysis is carried out by the better inspections portfolio. The portfolio is responsible for:

Research and development

Research, evaluation and methods

The research and development team manages the relationship with stakeholders for improving inspections. This involves carrying out research, surveys and focus groups. The team also works with academic institutions, forces and other public bodies.

Through these various channels, new ideas and concepts, and existing HMICFRS work are discussed and tested to ultimately gather feedback to improve HMICFRS’s inspection approach.


The team leads on the development of our policing inspections, such as the PEEL inspections (HMICFRS’s annual assessment of police forces in England and Wales). This ensures that our inspections stay relevant to emerging policing methods and priorities.

The team is also responsible for ensuring that the HMICFRS inspection methodologies are analytically robust, enabling evidence-based judgments to be made about police force performance that can stand up to scrutiny.

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Collecting high quality data

A significant amount of bespoke data is held by the portfolio, collected through its many data collections. Much of the data is not held anywhere else in government.

The main channel for this is the HMICFRS police and fire and rescue service Technical Advisory Groups, which meet regularly in alignment with the inspection schedule.

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Analysis of data

The analytical team work are involved in every step of the inspection process from input into design of methodologies to analysis of inspection findings.

The portfolio works closely with analysts across government, policing and the fire and rescue sector, combining their unique knowledge and skills to ensure that value is added across the breadth of policing and FRS analysis.

The team design data collections, to supplement published data sources. Together these make data briefing packs, which are aligned to the inspection questions for each force. These packs provide analysis to help contextualise inspection approaches, as well as analysis to help inspectors focus inspection activity on important areas.

The team also advises on the best ways to present and contextualise analysis and evidence in inspection reports.

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HMICFRS’s monitoring process for police forces

Performance monitoring enables concerns about police force performance (either geographical or thematic) to be identified quickly so that appropriate action can be taken by HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary and the Home Secretary.

To read more about the process of monitoring police forces, visit Our approach to monitoring forces.

HMICFRS’s monitoring process for fire and rescue services

A monitoring process for fire and rescue services is being developed alongside the FRS inspection process.

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Working at HMICFRS

We periodically recruit for new staff. Any current vacancies will be listed in the Working at HMICFRS section.