Performance monitoring and analytics

Please note: this page principally refers to performance monitoring and analytics of police forces. Following the announcement, in July 2017, that HMICFRS would also inspect fire & rescue services, this section will be updated to include arrangements with fire & rescue services as and when those arrangements are finalised.

HMICFRS’s Performance, Analysis and Research Unit consists of 22 analytical staff. They have extensive analytical experience, with backgrounds in policing analysis, statistics, operational research, social research and economics, gained in both the public and private sector.

The unit is responsible for:

Collecting, collating and analysing data on crime and policing

A significant amount of bespoke data is held by the unit through its many data collections. Much of the data held about policing at a force level is not held anywhere else in government.

The unit works closely with analysts across government and policing (such as Home Office Crime and Policing Analysis, the College of Policing, the Office for National Statistics and police forces’ analytical teams) combining their unique knowledge and skills to ensure that value is added across the breadth of policing analysis.

The main channel for this is the HMICFRS Technical Advisory Group, which meets regularly in alignment with the inspection schedule.

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HMICFRS’s monitoring process for police forces

Performance monitoring enables concerns about police force performance (either geographical or thematic) to be identified quickly so that appropriate action can be taken by HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary and the Home Secretary.

To read more about the process of monitoring police forces, visit Our approach to monitoring forces.

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Ensuring HMICFRS’s inspections have a sound evidence base

The unit is responsible for ensuring that the HMICFRS inspection methodologies are analytically robust, enabling evidence-based judgments to be made about police force performance that can stand up to scrutiny.

This support extends throughout the inspection lifecycle, from advising on data collections and survey methodology, to analysing complex police force data sets to help test hypotheses about what works in policing.

The unit supports the PEEL inspections (HMICFRS’s annual assessment of police forces in England and Wales), as well as thematic and joint inspection activity.
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Producing Value for Money profiles

As well as contributing to inspection reports, the Performance, Analysis and Research Unit produces annual Value for Money profiles for all forces. These allow the public to compare their local force’s performance against that of others, alongside the costs of achieving it.
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Working at HMICFRS

We periodically recruit for new analysts. Any current vacancies will be listed in the Working at HMICFRS section.