Police forces previously in Engage

Greater Manchester Police

Moved out of Engage

October 2022


  • responding appropriately to the public and vulnerable people, including answering calls more quickly;
  • better understanding its performance and the capability and capacity of its workforce, and providing better support for officers and staff;
  • halving the number of open investigations, giving officers more time to focus on bringing offenders to justice; and
  • more accurately recording crime.

Entered Engage



  • Greater Manchester Police was failing to respond appropriately to some people who are vulnerable and at risk. This meant that it was missing some opportunities to safeguard victims and secure evidence at the scene. This service failure gave cause for concern about public safety in Greater Manchester.

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Note: HMICFRS began publicising when forces went into and out of Engage in June 2022. Forces which came out of Engage before June 2022 will not appear on this page.