HMICFRS frequently consults on its policing and fire & rescue service inspection programmes, as well as on other aspects of its inspections. This section contains HMICFRS’ consultation documents and responses. It also contains consultations on joint inspections which HMICFRS carries out with partner organisations.

Please see our current policing inspection programme.

Our first fire & rescue service inspection programme will be published, following the conclusion of the consultation below.

Open consultations

Consultation on the proposed fire and rescue services inspection programme and framework 2018/19 – closing date 19 February 2018

HMICFRS’ 2018/19 policing inspection programme and framework: for consultation – closing date 19 February 2018

Previous consultations

List of consultations
Consultation Opened
Consultation on force management statements

October 2017
Consultation on HMIC’s Inspection programme 2017/18 February 2017
Consultation on HMIC’s Inspection programme 2016/17 February 2016
Consultation on HMIC’s Inspection programme 2015/16 January 2015
Consultation on HMIC’s programme for regular force inspections June 2014
Integrated inspections to assess the contribution of all professionals to the help, care and protection of children and young people June 2014
HMIC’s 2014/15 inspection programme: for consultation January 2014
Criminal Justice Joint Inspection programme consultation 2014 – 2016 January 2014
HMIC’s 2013/14 inspection programme: for consultation April 2013
Proposals for the joint inspection of multi-agency arrangements for the protection of children – for consultation July 2012
HMIC Business Plan 2012/13 – for consultation April 2012
HMIC Inspection Plan 2011/12 – for consultation August 2011
Value for money profiles consultation response
Police authority inspection – Q & A March 2010
HMIC Programme Consultation 2010 – 2011 March 2010
Value for Money Consultation – 2009 July 2009
Rounded Assessment Consultation Assessing Police Performance: Giving the Public a Voice May 2009
Joint Inspection Statutory Consultation Document January 2009
Rounded Assessment Consultation December 2008
Value For Money Consultation – 2008 December 2008