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Publication  —  Joint inspection, Leadership  — 

HMICFRS and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) carried out a joint inspection to determine how effectively police forces select and train candidates for chief officer roles.

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Police forces do not always identify the best candidates for senior leadership positions because of questionable selection procedures, according to a new report.

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The number of rape charges has decreased, despite an increase in the amount of rapes reported, data released today shows.

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Today, the Criminal Justice Chief Inspectors’ Group publishes its 2019/21 business plan.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Criminal justice joint inspections  — 

This plan sets out the inspections of the Criminal Justice System for 2019/21 in which two or more of our inspectorates will be working together.

Publication  —  Criminal justice joint inspections, Custody suites  — 

Individuals arrested for terrorism offences are detained at one of five Terrorism Act custody suites situated across the country. These detainees can be held in custody for up to 14 days, significantly longer than detainees held in mainstream custody. Because of this, there are different arrangements under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 for the detention, treatment and questioning of detainees.

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The first independent inspection of the treatment and conditions for detainees in specialist police Terrorism Act (TACT) custody suites found good care for those held.

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Today, we have published our policing inspection programme and framework for 2019/20.

Publication  —  Business Plans, Inspection programmes  — 

This document sets out HMICFRS’s police inspection programme and resources for 2019/20.

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Older people who have been the victims of crime are often let down by the police and wider criminal justice system which does not always understand their needs and experiences, according to a new report.