Living in fear - the police and CPS response to harassment and stalking (8019)

Chief constables and CPS Area leads should monitor and ensure compliance with the national stalking protocol.

[on]5th July 2017 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]30th January 2018 [status]being-progressed[/status][/on][on]30th January 2018 [comment]

The amended national stalking protocol was due to be published in December but was delayed and is currently unpublished. Monitoring against the existing protocol is done via a meeting with CPS and regional police leads on a quarterly basis where cases are reviewed, compliance checked and monitored, and themes for improvement are identified. The stalking lead meets with criminal justice and crown prosecution service representatives to review and develop the use of the protocol for stalking offences.

The recommendation owner is Supt Wright overseen by ACC Watson.The action is set to be completed when the new protocol is published estimated Summer 2018.This action is reviewed and monitored by the Strategic Domestic Abuse Board meeting – overseen by Supt Wright Adults lead for the force.

I will further review the status of this recommendation on publication of the national stalking protocol.

[/comment][/on][on]17th August 2018 [comment]

The new protocol was circulated in May 2018 and has been promoted internally across messaging and on Pocketbook the force resource centre. Supervisors have also been sent a key message. Compliance will be monitored through the CPS and Police regional meeting and within Criminal Justice reporting. As the protocol is new compliance needs to be checked in the next 2 quarters. I await an update from the force to demonstrate monitoring and compliance outcomes.

[/comment][/on][on]11th June 2019 [comment]

The constabulary has provided the following update. 'A document was produced in October 2018 which outlined the current status of stalking and harassment which sought to capture a summary position of where the Force was and offer a number of areas for discussion and focus. As the previous update highlights the protocol was circulated in May 2018 and the force lead worked with Criminal Justice to promote and increase the use of the protocol to drive up quality of investigations and gain better outcomes for victims. It was added to the Case Prep within Niche. On September 1st 2018 there was a huge change in case transfer and file build to the CPS moving from Criminal Justice to officers. Compliance with the protocol checklist was at 14% and measures have been taken to improve this position, namely more training is being designed and delivered around file quality and the protocol is highlighted within the guidance documents for officers online. In the new year with the CPS this has been agreed to be an area of focus by the stalking leads and CPS.'The constabulary is now clearly able to monitor compliance with the national stalking protocol but has not yet demonstrated it is fully compliant.