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We recommend that, within six months, forces ensure relevant officers have access to social media applications to facilitate initial enquiries about a child’s online activity as a means of supporting and prioritising the early stages of investigations.

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A number of officers/ staff have completed the cyber crime course, aimed mainly at investigators. This course is now being replaced with a ‘Cyber for Investigators’ course which will be aimed at detectives and intelligence staff. A new ‘Cyber Awareness’ course is being rolled out to all officers and staff. The course will cover what can be achieved locally, and where to seek assistance for more detailed enquiries that may require a ‘ghost profile’.

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The began delivering a‘Cyber for Investigators’ 5 day course in June 2016. The course is aimed at CID supervisors, Intelligence Researchers and Analysts; and includes 20 hours of online learning. Those trained have access to social media applications to facilitate initial enquiries in the early stages of an investigation, including enquiries regarding a child’s online activity.

In addition a one day cyber awareness training course is being delivered to the wider workforce. The course covers what enquiries can be achieved locally and where to seek specialist advice for more complex open source lines of investigations.

The force is progressing development of an open source APP for use by staff when they have been trained.

Update requested from force on the numbers of staff trained and progress of the development of the APP. When received the status of this recommendation with be further reviewed.

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I await the up to date figures of staff trained on the one week cyber investigators course and the one day cyber awareness training.The OS App pilot is still on-going under the governance of the Director of Intelligence, however, issues have been identified through the pilot in relation to a technical issue re IP addresses. Further work is on-going in terms of governance of the OS App usage and auditing. I await an update from the force regarding this.

Update 05/10/16:-

We have trained people to use ghost profiles – 128 – but there are issues with access caused by very limited availability of equipment.

This has been addressed by purchase of the covert app but this is not yet available as it is at trial stage.

We are training more at level 2 (to access ghost profiles) but this is not scheduled until April 2017”.

The criteria for attendance on the Cyber awareness is as follows:

WIU staffAny person on ICIDP or ISDPAny other person in operational or contact management role including all staff in CPT models.

The Cyber for investigators is aimed at PIP 2 level investigators and target groups such as WIU.

11/2/17:Now sits with head of crime who holds cyber portfolio. D/Supt Deb Smith

24/02/17 – The force has built in an open source application which sits on the laptops which replaces old stand alone tools.There is a policy in place to guide how the force does open source (open source and internet based research and investigation policy) which is owned by WIU.People only get access to the App when they have been trained by L&D.They are only permitted to use ghost profiles once trained and this is registered with CAB.There is a pilot group of approx 30 intel/investigation staff trialling the OS app at present. The force is gathering feedback through a working group which aims to ensure that the tools enable them to do research according to the policy and to make recommendations for any additional measures to put in place to assist them (e.g. Cosert tool to ‘record’ search online activity).This is being governed through an Covert/OS project meeting which is chaired by Sonya Leith

Update 20/04/2017

The OS App pilot is still on-going under the governance of the DOI (Project lead is Christine Lamb) and is now being heavily supported by Matt Girdlestone (strategic support to the DOI) and Alan Strike (Force DMC / CAB Manager). Issues have been identified through the pilot in relation to technical (IP address issues) that are now working towards being resolved and further work is on-going as a result of the pilot in terms of governance of the OS App usage and auditing.

The current policy is being reviewed concerning the authorisation level for OS research and process map and quick guidance has been drawn up and will be presented to the next Cyber Crime working group meeting (180517) and once finalised will be presented to the Digital Investigations Group.