Core Business: an inspection into crime prevention, police attendance and the use of police time (6955)

With immediate effect, all forces should review their ICT design and procurement arrangements and ensure that every appropriate opportunity for efficiency and economy in ICT design and procurement which is provided by centrally-provided or centrally-co-ordinated agencies is taken.

[on]4th September 2014 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]30th September 2016 [comment]

The status of this recommendation is currently being reviewed by HMIC and will be updated when this review is complete.

[/comment][/on][on]30th August 2017 [status]no-further-action-needed[/status][/on][on]28th November 2017 [comment]

This area of activity has subsequently been inspected in HMIC's PEEL Efficiency inspections. Where a cause of concern still exists this will appear in the register against these subsequent inspections.