Everyone's business: Improving the police response to domestic abuse (2321)

By September 2014, every police force in England and Wales should establish and publish an action plan that specifies in detail what steps it will take to improve its approach to domestic abuse.

This action plan should be developed:

  • in consultation with police and crime commissioners, domestic abuse support organisations and victims' representatives;
  • after close consideration of all the recommendations in this report;
  • with reference to all relevant domestic homicide reviews and IPCC findings, whether in connection with the force in question or another force; and 20
  • drawing on relevant knowledge acquired or available from other sources such as CPS scrutiny panels and MARAC self-assessments.The action plan should be established on the basis of best practice, based on revised relevant guidance from the College of Policing. To ensure consistency, the College and the national policing lead on domestic abuse have agreed to provide advice on the areas that each plan should cover by the end of April 2014.

Chief officers in each police force should oversee and ensure full implementation of these action plans. This should be a personal responsibility in each case. Police and crime commissioners should hold forces to account in this respect. HMIC will inspect forces' progress on domestic abuse as part of its new annual all-force inspection programme. Police and crime commissioners and chief constables should be called upon to report publicly on progress, as well as to the national oversight and monitoring group.

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This area of activity has subsequently been inspected each year: see Increasingly Everyone's Business, 2015 PEEL Vulnerability inspection and most recently in HMIC's PEEL Effectiveness inspections. Where a cause of concern still exists this will appear in the register against these subsequent inspections.

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