Policing and mental health: Picking up the pieces (9247)

Recommendation 1

The NPCC lead and College of Policing should agree a new national definition of mental ill-health for all forces to adopt We found forces using different definitions to describe mental health-related incidents. This makes it difficult for forces to identify people with mental health problems correctly, and to understand mental health-related demand. Many forces have adopted a consistent definition for vulnerability, which has helped them identify it and respond more appropriately. A new national definition for mental ill-health would help all forces provide a consistent approach to people with mental health problems. It should be developed in consultation with officers across the country and replace the existing definition. It would also help them measure their demand and workload against a national standard.


By January 2019, the NPCC lead for mental health and the College of Policing should draft and agree a new national definition of mental ill-health. This should be included within the new national strategy on policing and mental health that they are developing together. All forces should then adopt this definition as soon as reasonably practicable.

[on]27th November 2018 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on]