PEEL: police effectiveness 2017 – West Yorkshire Police (8931)

Causes of concern

The quality of West Yorkshire Police’s initial enquiries, its supervision and its general standard of investigation is a cause of concern.

• The force should provide frontline officers with training and operational experience to ensure that they are able to retrieve forensic evidence from scenes of crime. • The force should develop a policy outlining minimum investigative standards and roles and responsibilities of officers and supervisors. • The force should ensure that all those carrying out investigations are provided with appropriate training and support.
• The force should ensure that there is regular and active supervision of investigations to improve quality and progress. • The force should improve its process for and supervision of handovers to ensure all relevant information passed to investigators is complete and of sufficient quality.

[on]22nd March 2018 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]4th June 2018 [status]being-progressed[/status][/on][on]4th June 2018 [comment]

Following publication of the effectiveness report 2017, the force has started a comprehensive end-to-end review of the investigative process which includes standards, training, roles and responsibilities, supervision.

The action is being progressed and will be updated when further information is available.