Police effectiveness 2015 (Vulnerability) – Cleveland Police (5988)

To address this cause for concern the force should immediately take steps to improve its identification of and response to vulnerable victims by ensuring that:

  • staff effectively assess and identify vulnerable victims at initial point of contact; and
  • staff respond in a timely manner to incidents identified as requiring police attendance.

[on]15th December 2015 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]9th September 2016 [comment]

Status to be determined post PEEL Effectiveness 2016 publication.

[/comment][/on][on]1st February 2018 [comment]

Following our Effectiveness inspection in 2016, we found that the force is effective in its initial identification of vulnerable victims at first point of contact and has effective processes in place to ensure call-handlers complete an accurate assessment of vulnerability and risk. There is a comprehensive quality assurance process in place which focuses on call monitoring and completion of the forms for monitoring the closure of incidents. The force are now able to respond in a timely manner and have an escalation process in place for when demand increases and the force has limited resources to respond to all calls for service.

[/comment][/on][on]18th May 2018 [status]complete[/status][/on][on]18th May 2018 [comment]

I am satisfied that the terms of this recommendation have been properly addressed. This recommendation is therefore complete and may be filed accordingly.