The welfare of vulnerable people in police custody (5125)

Police forces should establish a race equality governance framework linked to the force’s risk register. This framework should include:

  • collection of core data sets by ethnicity;
  • development of a common understanding of the current situation through analysis of the data and engagement with Independent Advisory Groups and local communities;
  • plans to make improvements to practice where this is identified as being necessary; and
  • establishing appropriate leadership and governance structures to oversee and make sure the work is carried out

[on]10th March 2015 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]30th September 2016 [status]being-progressed[/status][/on][on]30th September 2016 [comment]

Progress against this recommendation was assessed as part of an inspection of custody in 2015.

[/comment][/on][on]15th August 2018 [comment]

The 2015 inspection of custody for the force does not provide the level of detail necessary to address the individual elements of this recommendation. The force should provide evidence that it has established a race equality governance framework that includes each of the elements outlined in the recommendation. I await a further update from the force to demonstrate this.