PEEL: police efficiency 2016 - South Yorkshire Police (5986)

To address the cause for concern HMIC recommends that, within three months of publication of this report, the force should carry out a comprehensive assessment of current and likely future demand and use this to inform the development of a new operating model that meets the needs of local communities. To achieve this the force should:

  • ensure that the team carrying out the assessment has the correct staffing numbers, skills and technological support;
  • engage the workforce, public and partners; and
  • draw on national expertise and best practice.

[on]3rd November 2016 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]25th November 2016 [comment]

New recommendation

[/comment][/on][on]30th January 2018 [status]being-progressed[/status][/on][on]30th January 2018 [comment]

South Yorkshire Police is developing its understanding of demand through improved use of data sources and analysis. It has made good progress against this. The force has established a team with the appropriate skills and technological support, it has engaged the workforce and the public, and has drawn on national good practice through the Jill Dando institute and use of the Cambridge harm index. It is yet to include partner data and apply this overall understanding of demand to its operating model, which is due to be presented to the strategic change board in September 2017.

The force has since used this understanding to inform its Neighbourhood Policing Model, but is yet to inform its Crime Investigations model.

[/comment][/on][on]12th April 2018 [comment]

The force now has a sufficiently comprehensive understanding of demand that has informed its operating model for the following areas; contact routes into the force, response, neighbourhoods/local policing, crime. In understanding its demand the force has process mapped all of these areas, and gathered the relevant source data to analyse the volume of demand and the effort required to manage that demand. The force has used software to re-model its processes, which will also allow it to scenario-test different modelling options where levels of demand or resources change. The force is continuting to work with partners to understand demand on the police and vice versa. It has identified inefficiencies in the processes and systems in the above areas. The new IT systems will assist the force in driving out some of these inefficiencies. The force has plans to understand the demand in its enabling services (HR, Finance, Legal. The force’s change team are continuing to analyse demand even where it already has an indepth knowledge, to allow it to scenario plan for the future.
This is no longer a cause of concern.

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As above – requires sign-off

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I am satisfied that the terms of this recommendation have been properly addressed as per the summary above. This recommendation is complete and may be filed accordingly.