Understanding the difference: the initial police response to hate crime (9125)

Cause of concern

We found that forces don’t consistently use the Home Office cyber-enabled flag. This means forces and the government may not have good enough information to understand how much different groups are targeted online, which means they can’t make sure effective decisions are made about how to respond.


We recommend that, within three months, chief constables make sure that the Home Office cyber-enabled flag is consistently applied, and that forces have adequate systems in place to make sure that this is done

[on]19th July 2018 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]11th September 2018 [comment]

The constabulary has the ability to flag cyber enabled crime on the current crime management system and will have it on the soon to be launched new Red Sigma crime system. Every hate crime recorded is reviewed by the crime management unit to ensure that all relevant flags have been properly applied. I therefore request that this be shown as complete.