Crime data integrity force reports (5811)

The force should revise its approach to cautions, cannabis warning and penalty notices for disorder to ensure that there is a clear and auditable explanation to the offender of the implications of receiving the warning and that, for victim-based crimes, there is a clear and auditable record that views of the victim are considered prior to their issue.

[on]18th November 2014 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]7th September 2016 [comment]

The cause of concern giving rise to the recommendation is being considered as part of our rolling programme of Crime Data Integrity inspections. The status of this recommendation will be assessed when the force is inspected through the rolling programme.

[/comment][/on][on]6th March 2018 [comment]

Progress against this recommendation has now been assessed as part of the 2017 CDI inspection. The team have provided the below update:

"Completed.The force have put good processes in place, created an OOCD scrutiny panel and introduced improved documentation to assist staff in considering all elements required.Forms reviewed and made clearer for officers and supervisors."

I therefore request that this recommendation be filed as completed.

[/comment][/on][on]18th May 2018 [status]complete[/status][/on][on]18th May 2018 [comment]

I am satisfied that the terms of this recommendation have been properly addressed as per the summary above. This recommendation is complete and may be filed accordingly.