PEEL: police legitimacy 2016 - Bedfordshire Police (596)

Bedfordshire Police, together with the other forces in the alliance, namely Hertfordshire Constabulary and Cambridgeshire Constabulary, should:

  • review the capacity and capability of its PSD and ACU to ensure they can manage their work effectively;
  • establish and operate effective processes for identifying and managing individuals at risk of corruption;
  • ensure it complies with all aspects of the current national guidelines for vetting; and
  • improve its workforce’s understanding of all corruption prevention policies.

[on]8th December 2016 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]9th December 2016 [comment]

New recommendation

[/comment][/on][on]28th February 2018 [comment]

The tri-force ACU has produced an annual local counter-corruption strategic assessment and control strategy. There is a BCH Strategic assessment and control strategy. The ACU have introduced new working practices and structures which effectively identifies, assesses and manages corruption risks. There has been additional investment in a fully resourced ACU with 2 new intelligence co-ordinators posts and a Prevent officer appointed to focus on corruption prevention. There has been increased training and communications around business interests and associations has this has led to increased reporting especially around non-paid business interests. In addition there has been increased monitoring of those who have had their applications rejected.

The tri-force ACU has introduced a series of new policies, procedures, systems and processes to support the identification of future allegations of abuse of authority for sexual gain. These include: Confidential Reporting and revised whistle blowing policy, New Professional Boundaries Policy to prevent the abuse of authority for sexual or emotion gain, Op Downfield learning, which is Herts specific, shared with Beds and Cambs.

The ACU has also put in place a new ACU DMM process, which is predominantly reactive and will review the intelligence received by the ACU. They will be reviewing all public complaints against the sexual predatory behaviour matrix, utilising best practice from Kent. The force does conduct covert investigations, and they can target resources to look at an officer’s use of information systems.

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Yes agreed completed.