PEEL: Police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2018/19 – Nottinghamshire Police (9519)

Cause of concern

We are concerned that Nottinghamshire Police does not consistently support the wellbeing of its workforce. The force has a wellbeing strategy in place, but has not made enough progress to promote it and create a culture where wellbeing is prioritised. As a result, the force is not giving consistent and effective support to all its workforce.


To address this cause of concern, we recommend that within six months the force should: • Put a communication plan in place to raise awareness of the wellbeing strategy across the workforce. This plan should ensure that all staff and officers have access to information. • Ensure that all current supervisors are trained to recognise warning signs and are aware of the early intervention options available so that they can give appropriate support and prevent wellbeing concerns escalating. • Ensure that it has an evaluation process in place to determine what interventions work. This should include a way to provide the learning to supervisors. It should also include a way to assess the views of the workforce on whether their wellbeing needs are being prioritised and appropriate support is available for them.

[on]2nd May 2019 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on]