PEEL: Police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2018/19 – Greater Manchester Police (9517)

Cause of concern

Greater Manchester Police is failing to respond appropriately to some people who are vulnerable and at risk. This means that it is missing some opportunities to safeguard victims and secure evidence at the scene and victims are being put at risk.


• The force should increase its use of STRIVE within the control room (OCB) to ensure that it appropriately identifies and responds to all vulnerability. • The force should improve its response to calls for service and its initial investigation for all vulnerable victims.

[on]2nd May 2019 [status]awaiting-review[/status][/on][on]19th June 2019 [status]being-progressed[/status][/on][on]19th June 2019 [comment]

Since inspection the force has increased the number of supervisors within the control room. Supervisors now review all incidents logs to identify threat harm and risk and apply STRIVE to the log where appropriate.
The remit of the Vulnerability Support Unit in the control room has expanded as planned. The team now reviews all incidents that have vulnerability identified where no resource has been allocated, managing risk where there is a delay.
The control room had approximately 60 vacancies at the time of inspection – it is recruiting to fill these vacancies, train new staff in STRIVE and bring its Local Resolution function to the centre in order to better understand and manage calls for service. Not all resources are currently in place.Since our inspection the force has taken forward the ‘single on-line home’ website for reporting. Some elements are live – report a crime; report ASB; report missing person; report road traffic collision – with other areas under development. This will enable the force to better prioritise demand for services. The force is currently aware that this has moved, rather than reduced, demand and the long-term impact not yet known.The force is looking to recruit additional officers to fill vacancies, improve response to calls for service and neighbourhood policing. A further 50 student officers have been recruited, with a further recruitment of approximately 50 later this year. Detective vacancies have further reduced to approximately 100.
The downgrading and delays seen to incident response at the time of inspection are being monitored by the OCB, with dip sampling of Grade 4 calls. The force has told us that all grade changes are being assessed for risk through use of STRIVE.
Control room performance is being monitored at Operations Committee – chaired by chief officers and through the public contact change programme.