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HMICFRS has today published the third, and final, tranche of the first independent inspection into fire and rescue services for 12 years. There are 15 reports in this release.

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This inspection assesses how effectively and efficiently Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service prevents, protects the public against and responds to fires and other emergencies. We also assess how well it looks after the people who work for the service.

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During our inspection of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, in June 2019, we identified a cause of concern about how effective the service is at keeping people safe and secure from fire and other risks. We asked the service to submit an action plan setting out how it would address this cause of concern. We revisited Gloucestershire between 20 and 22 November 2019 to review progress against the action plan. 

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HMICFRS has launched a consultation which welcomes views on our proposed fire and rescue services inspection programme and framework for the coming year. The consultation is open until Friday 29 November 2019.

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This consultation is now closed. This plan provided details of HMICFRS’s proposed fire and rescue services inspection programme for 2020/21, and asked for your views on whether the right areas of fire and rescue services’ activity are covered.

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Most fire and rescue services are good at responding to emergencies, but there is too much variation in how well the public are protected, how quickly emergencies are responded to and how well services look after their staff, according to a new report.

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This the first time that HMICFRS has inspected fire and rescue services across England. This report sets out a summary of our findings from inspecting 16 fire and rescue services in tranche 2.