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Inspectors from HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate looked into the management of defence correspondence by the Crown Prosecution Service.

HMCPSI’s themed inspection report on communications between the CPS’s Victim Liaison Units and the public.

HMCPSI’s themed inspection report on the CPS’s Individual Quality Assessments (IQA) scheme.

HMCPSI’s inspection of the CPS’s response to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

HMCPSI’s inspection of the CPS’s internal fraud controls.

A joint inspection by HMCPSI and HMIC found widespread failures across the criminal justice system when it comes to disclosure of evidence.

Follow-up to the February 2016 report.

A review of the recording of finalisations onto the CPS’s case management system (CMS).

The report assesses the CPS’s compliance with the Crown Court Better Case Management initiative.

An early perspective of the CPS’s contribution to the magistrates’ courts Transforming Summary Justice scheme.