Inspection of CPS Information Management

Date of publication
12 November 2020

This inspection focuses on the controls the CPS has in place to make sure that case information is managed securely and appropriately.

In the modern criminal justice system, case material is dealt with digitally from cradle to grave. This means that information management and information security are more important than ever.

We examined 700 case files – 50 from each of the 14 CPS Areas – to assess the nature and frequency of security breaches, and reviewed CPS policies and guidance around information security. We also interviewed key members of staff in Areas and at CPS Headquarters, and held focus groups with crown prosecutors and operational delivery staff. Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we conducted our interviews and focus groups virtually.

Through this combination of file examination, document analysis and interviews, we assessed the policies, guidance, controls and training the CPS has in place to ensure good information management, and its approach to minimising and responding to security breaches.

Information management report (344 kB)

Information Management IMI File Read (502 kB)