HMCPSI Business Plan 2016-17

Date of publication
20 September 2016

The HMCPSI Business Plan for 2016-17 sets out the key areas of work that we expect to undertake this year. These are the:

  • Area Assurance Programme inspections of the South West, Cymru-Wales, Wessex, East Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humberside CPS Areas.
  • Follow-up inspection of the CPS’s role in the Transforming Summary Justice initiative.
  • Thematic inspections of the CPS’s contribution to the Better Case Management scheme, and the accuracy of its case management system recording outcomes.
  • Joint thematic inspections, with HMIC, of the disclosure of unused material and how stalking and harassment cases are dealt with.

HMCPSI Business Plan 2016-17 (95.42 kB)