CPS handling of custody time limits

Date of publication
16 December 2021
Participating inspectorate
HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
Inspection category
Custody Time Limits Audit

Custody time limits ensure that accused persons are not deprived of their liberty for longer than is reasonable. If there is an expectation that the case will not be finalised within the custody time limit, the CPS can apply to extend the time limit.

During the pandemic, fewer cases were being heard in the Crown Court. As a result, the CPS has had to deal with more cases that require an extension application.

This inspection examined whether the CPS calculates and monitors custody time limits effectively; whether it makes good decisions about applications to remand defendants in custody throughout the course of a case; and whether guidance and support during the pandemic was effective in keeping staff informed about changes to custody time limits.

HMCPSI Custody time limits (257 kB)